Etch Glow Light Display Assembly

For this tutorial we will be using the Firemen Logo Kit Design.

Make sure you have already etched and cut your design before continuing with this tutorial.

Step 1: Remove protective layer

Once all your pieces are engraved and cut, carefully remove the remaining Kraft paper from all the pieces. Be careful – acrylic is brittle and can snap in the areas with delicate cutouts.

All etched and cut components

All acrylic pieces with protective covering

Tips for keeping the acrylic looking great:

  • Avoid touching any surface of the acrylic other than the edges to minimize fingerprints and scratches.
  • Lay a soft towel down on a flat table.  Place the piece on the towel and then remove the paper.

Remove paper animation

You should have all the pieces etched, cut, with the protective paper removed, and free of dust and any smudges before moving on.

All pieces with protective layer removed

All pieces with protective covering removed

Step 2: Begin Assembly 

Start by placing the 2 screws through the holes on the Front – Black Acrylic piece.

Front Black piece
Front - Black Acrylic

The face side of the completed product will be face down:

Front Black Acrylic with 2 screws

In many cases, the designs are symmetrical, so either side can be used as the face side.

Now place the Front – Clear Acrylic face down on top of the Front – Black Acrylic lining up the screw holes with the screws.

Front Clear
Front - Clear Acrylic

The face side of the clear acrylics will be the side that has been engraved.


Front clear acrylic in assembly

Place the Middle – Clear Acrylic then the Back – Clear Acrylic face down on the assembly by lining up the screw holes with the screws.

middle and back clear acrylic vectors

Middle and Back Clear acrylic, respectively

Middle clear acrylic layer
Back clear acrylic

Next insert the Light Board into the pocket that has been cut into the acrylics.  The LED Lights should be facing up with the Button on the left side and the USB Port on the right.

Drop in light board hardware

Note: The button on your light board may differ in color

You might have to gently wiggle the light board around to get the pieces to line up properly. Do not use force – it should drop in easily.

Now, lay the Cardstock Backer on the rest of the assembly.

Card stock backer vector image

Cardstock Backer

Line up the screw holes with the screws and make sure the cutouts for the USB Port and Button line up – if they don’t – flip the Backer over.

Black Card Stock backer

Next place the Back – Black Acrylic on the assembly.

 Back black acrylic vector

Line up the screw holes with the screws and twist on the hex nuts provided with the kit. Do not over tighten – finger tight is usually enough.

Back Black acrylic and hex nuts


Insert the small tab of the two legs into the slots in the bottom of the assembly and stand upright.


Black legs vector image

Black Acrylic Legs

Leg Assembly and Stand upright

Plug the unit into a power source using the included Micro USB and Power Adapter, and configure the lights. Learn how to configure the lights [TODO ADD LINK].

Assembly complete with light colors configured

Your Etch Glow Light Display is complete and ready to enjoy!