How to use the Color and Pattern Customizer

This tutorial shows you how to use the Color and Pattern Customizer tool.

Connect Board to Customizer

Plug your USB cable into any device with a Type A USB port and internet access.

Guitar display with a wire from the back connected to a laptop with the Customizer tool on the screen


Open up your web browser to the Customizer tool. Press the Connect Button at the top of the page:

Note: The Customizer tool is only compatible with Chromium based web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Windows 7 Note: The drivers for this tool are not automatically installed on your system, you will need to download them following these instructions.

Screenshot of customizer tool with Connect button outlined in a red box

In the pop-up window, select the Etch Glow item and press Connect:

Port connection window pop up screenshot from a google chrome web browser


Customize Colors

Your Light Board is now ready for customization! Any changes you make will be displayed on your Light Board in real-time. You can change the color of each layer and display any of the patterns listed.

Below the Connect/Disconnect button are three color options for the back, middle, and front layers of engraved acrylic.

Get started by pressing the Back Color button highlighted here by the red box:

Screenshot of cuztomizer tool with Back color button outlined with a red box

A color palette pop-up will appear. From here you can set the color of the acrylic panel in any of 3 ways:

  • By dragging the cursor on the color slider and then the fine-tuning area.
  • By typing in the RGB values.
  • By picking from one of the sample colors.

Screenshot of customizer tool with color palette pop out hovering over the red color spectrum

Repeat for the Middle and Front acrylic panels.

Light Show Patterns

Light Shows are different patterns that the lights will move in on the Light Board. You can control which light shows are on your board and the speed at which they move or fade.

By default during first-time connection, the Solid Colors pattern will be the only Light Show checked as Enabled.

Light Shows list of light patterns screenshot of customizer

To enable a light show just check the Enabled box next to each light show.

Adjust the Speed and Fade sliders to your desired settings. The board will react as you are making the adjustments in real-time.

Save, Retrieve & Load Multiple Boards

Even though the Light Board changes are seen in real-time, you still need to SAVE the settings in order to keep them on the Light Board after unplugging it. When finished with all your adjustments – press the Save Settings button.

Save and Retrieve settings

The Retrieve Settings button will load the current settings from a connected light board into the Customizer tool. This can be used to make tweaks later so that you don’t have to start over customizing all the colors and light show selections.

You can customize or retrieve the settings once and load multiple boards or light displays in a row.