About Etch Glow

Etch Glow is a division of TinyCircuits - a maker of small electronic products  based in Akron, Ohio.  The Etch Glow system was developed in partnership with LumenArtStudios.com and founder Craig Mullet.

 In 2016, founder Craig Mullett was tinkering at his workbench and scratched a 'happy face' in a scrap piece of clear acrylic with a screwdriver. He set the acrylic on an LED flash light and the 'happy face' magically lit up like a neon sign. ✨

Craig's first etched acrylic light sign

Craig sells finished displays at LumenArtStudios.com. Etch Glow today is run by the team behind TinyCircuits with Craig's guidance. We offer designs, hardware, and tutorials to encourage makers, DIYers and side-hustlers alike to create better signs and plaques to make the world a little cooler one display at a time.

From home bar signs to children's night lights, we invite anyone to use our hardware to customize their space and sell their own designs and kits. Do you have some ideas or want to talk to us? Reach out to us using our contact form. 💖