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Dreamz Pocket Spring Mattress HD Foam Medium Firm Bedding Bed Top Queen 21CM

Dreamz Pocket Spring Mattress HD Foam Medium Firm Bedding Bed Top Queen 21CM

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No sleep for the wicked. Your boss works you to the bone and you keep powering on. Come home and sleep on your new spring mattress. At least you can rest your head and sleep in pure comfort.

You won't feel your husband rolling around. Six spring turns and zero disturbance. Independent pocket spring mattresses isolate movement to just that area of the bed.

Your spring mattress reduces heat build-up. Get a more comfortable sleep no matter the temperature. Wake up refreshed in the morning. Sleep is the key to your best life.

Some people just love the bounce that spring mattresses provide. You know what I am talking about. Foam mattresses just don't cut it. In the ups and downs of life springs are best.

Spring mattresses are more supportive. If you are on the heavier side choose a spring mattress over a foam mattress. You will also get a cooler sleep as foam tends to trap heat.

Key Features

  • 5-zone pocket spring mattress
  • Independent 6-turn coil system
  • Medium firm
  • Vacuum packed - Roll-out and wait 48 hours before using


Brand: Dreamz

Material: Fabric + Sponge + Coil Springs

Firmness: Medium firm (6.0)

Thickness: 21cm

Dimension: 203cm x 153cm. 660 springs.

Colour: White


  • 1 x DreamZ Spring Mattress

No sleep for the wicked [/shortdescription]

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  • Product contains button battery: no
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